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Sweepers (1999)
Keoni Waxman , Kevin Bernhardt, Kevin Bernh
Torn from today's headlines "Sweepers" is a non-stop, action-packed thriller set in war ravaged Angola. Christian Erickson is a leader in the Humanitarian Order of Chivalry on assignment in Angola with his team of 'sweepers' who are attempting to clear land mines from around rural villages where villagers and children are being maimed and killed daily. During one sweeping operation, Christian's 11 year-old son Johnny follows his father to a mine field and during a rebel attack is killed when he steps on a land mine. Back in America, a terrorist attack at the home of a US senator utilizes a new super advanced A-6 land-mine smuggled in from Angola. Bomb squad expert Michelle Flynn, who watched her fiance die in the attack, is sent on a covert operation to Angola to recover an A-6 mine, so that the political intrigue behind its manufacture can be revealed. Michelle joins forces with two army mine sweepers, Jack Trask and Ray Gunn but their mission turns deadly when Jack and Ray are ....
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