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Sorceress (1982)
Jack Hill , Jim Wynorski
Hell-bent on becoming the ultimate ruler of the universe by sacrificing his firstborn, the powerful conjurer of illusions and master of the Black Arts, Traigon, makes an unholy pact with the evil deity, Kalghara. However, fate has other plans, and as the magician's wife gives her last breath to protect her newborn twin daughters, Traigon dies. Nearly two long decades later--imbued with the unlimited white force of their mentor, Krona--the dauntless warrior-sisters, Mira and Mara, embark on a dangerous mission to avenge their slaughtered mother and to defeat the resurrected warlock once and for all. Who shall live and who shall die in the final clash between good and evil?.
Sorceress (1982 ) Subtitles

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