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Barry Munday


Barry Munday (2010)
Chris D'Arienzo , Chris D'Arienzo, Frank Turner Hollon
Barry: he slacks off at work, savors one-nights stands, and is getting older (young people call him "sir"). Then, he loses his testicles in an assault and gets a letter saying he's to become a father. He can't remember the woman and asks if she'll meet with him: she's Ginger, a solitary waspish woman about his age. He acknowledges paternity and wants to be a part of the pregnancy and parenthood. With reluctance and lots of put-downs, Ginger introduces him to her family, including the favored younger sister, and allows him to come with her to her doctor's. With his own father issues, a canny boss, brittle Ginger, and her vampy sister, can Barry hang in there?.
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