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The Crying Dead


The Crying Dead (2011)
1h 17min
Hunter G. Williams , Hunter G. Williams, Scott Michael Campbell
This film tells the horrifying story of the cast and crew of a new reality TV show investigating the paranormal. When the team is denied access to the Ettersburg hospital, they decide to sneak in and explore at night. Ettersburg hospital, believed to be haunted after the tragic death years before of three young girls burned alive in an apparent accident is to be the pilot episode. What starts out as an uneventful evening exploring the dark halls of the expansive hospital, turns into a fear filled nightmare when one of their team goes missing. As the team separates to search for their missing friend, they find themselves running for their lives as one after the other they fall victim to the hospital and its crying dead..
The Crying Dead (2011 ) Subtitles

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