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In Your Hands


In Your Hands (2011)
Lola Doillon , Lola Doillon
An act of revenge takes an unexpected turn in this psychological drama from French Writer and Director Lola Doillon. Anna (Dame Kristin Scott Thomas) flees a house on the outskirts of Paris and returns home, careful to tell no one where she's been or what she's been doing. The next day, after an ordinary day of work as an OB-GYN, Anna stops at a Police station and reports that she had been kidnapped. Several years before, she performed a cesarean section on a woman who did not survive, and the patient's husband, Yann (Pio Marmaï), driven mad by grief, abducted Anna and intended to punish her for the death of his wife and child. However, after spending several days together in Yann's basement, he and Anna discovered their contempt for one another was giving way to more complex emotions, which complicate both of their senses of justice. This movie was an official selection at the 2010 BFI London Film Festival..
In Your Hands (2011 ) Subtitles
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