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Cutter's Way


Cutter's Way (1982)
1h 49min
Ivan Passer , Newton Thornburg, Jeffrey Alan Fiskin
Alex Cutter (Heard) came back from war minus an eye, a leg, and an arm and mad as hell. He lacks direction, drinks too much, and abuses his wife (Eichhorn). One night his friend Richard Bone (Bridges) witnesses someone dumping something in an alley; it turns out to be the body of a young girl. When Cutter hears about it, he embarks on a crusade to expose the killer, enlisting the help of the murdered girl's sister. Bone reluctantly joins them. Are they right or are they in search of their white whale?.
Cutter's Way (1982 ) Subtitles

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0 English subtitles of Cutter's Way (1982 ) getsubs

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