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Where Birds Don't Fly


Where Birds Don't Fly (2017)
Crime, Drama, Thriller
Alek Gearhart , Alek Gearhart, Alek Gearhart, Manuel
As a team of hardened detectives struggle to investigate a Californian serial killer with no pattern they turn to Preach, a seasoned veteran, for guidance, he offers some words of wisdom but can offer no advice to help solving random murders. After a long night their boss offers to get them some coffee, literally bumps into a person buying far too much bleach, and following him witnesses him taking a body out of the trunk of the SUV. Whilst investigating the crime scene the detectives discover that there are at least two suspects. Reece has been the puppet master behind the murders, using them to discover where the detectives and the retired Preach live. Preach sends a message just in time, but will the detectives arrive in time?.
Where Birds Don't Fly (2017 ) Subtitles

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