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Hoovey (2015)
1h 31min
Sean McNamara , Jeff Elliot, Howard Klausner
Life can change in an instant, and turn your whole world upside down. And that is exactly what happens to firefighter Jeff Elliott and his wife Ruth who are living their dream in the golden Midwest; high school sweethearts, married with two beautiful and healthy children, family farm, horses, sports, church groups, the whole American Dream come true. And one winters day, teenage son Eric "Hoovey" Elliott collapses at high school basketball practice, is rushed to the hospital, and the doctors find a tumor the size of an orange at the base of his brain. They're down to hours-if surgery that risks the boy's ability to walk, talk, and perhaps even survive is not performed immediately, Hoovey's young life will end before it truly even begins. In a grueling 8-hour procedure, the tumor is removed. And he survives. But for the Elliott family, life and dreams will never be the same. Hoovey has to teach himself to walk again, to read again, to even see straight with two unbalanced eyes, covered....
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