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Big Nothing


Big Nothing (2006)
1h 26min
Jean-Baptiste Andrea , Jean-Baptiste Andrea, William Rosenfeld
Charlie is an ex-professor turned reluctant call center employee who gets fired on the first day. Distraught at being unable to provide for his daughter Emily and wife Penelope, he accepts when Gus, an aspiring scam artist who presents Charlie with a seemingly snag-free plan to make some cash. The plan is to blackmail Reverend Smalls, a man of the cloth, who's frequently turned up in the company database of visitors to illegal porn sites. Gus plans to extort Reverend Smalls, with the intention of publicly exposing his secret shame should he refuse, thus potentially destroying the man's career. Normally cautious, Charlie is keen on participating in this scam, confident that the money he'll make from the scam will finally help turn things around for him and his family. Joined by one-time teenage pageant queen Josie McBroom, Gus's ex, the plan goes ahead, but it all goes wrong as Reverend Smalls dies thanks to this trio, with this only being the start of their troubles..
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